Participation to Conferences

  1. 2nd International Conference on Analytical Chemistry, September 17-21, 2014, Targoviste, Romania.
  2. 13th International Symposium “Prospects for the Third Millennium Agriculture”,  September 24-26, 2014, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. (2 presentations).
  3. TIM-FIZ 2014, "Physics without Frontiers", Conferința Internațională de Fizică, 20-22 Noiembrie 2014, Timișoara, Romania.
  4. 14th International Conference on Software Engineering, Parallel and Distributed Systems (SEPADS '15), February 22-24, 2015, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  5. 20th International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science (CSCS20-2015), May 27-29, 2015, Bucharest, Romania.
  6. 12th Urban Environment Symposium Urban, Futures for a Sustainable World, June 1-3, 2015, Oslo, Norway.
  7. 13th Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and Applied Mathematics, June 5-6, 2015, Targoviste, Romania.
  8. 19th Romanian International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (RICCCE19), Sibiu, 2015.
  9. 8th International Conference on Environmental Engineering And Management, September 9-12, 2015, Iasi, Romania. (4 presentations).
  10. 19th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing, October 14-16, 2015, Cheile Gradistei, Romania.
  11. 7th LUMEN International Conference: Multidimensional Education and Professional Development. Ethical Values – MEPDEV 2015, November 12-14, 2015, Targoviste, Romania
  12. European Geosciences Union Conference, General Assembly 2016, April 17–22 2016, Vienna, Austria (poster in section GI2.6 Sentinel 2 for Science)
  13. The International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference 2016, ELSEVIER, May 8-12, 2016, Towson University Maryland, U.S.A. (oral presentation in the section “Urban system modelling and global change”)
  14. International Conference "Agriculture for Life, Life for Agriculture", June 9-11, 2016, Bucharest, Romania (oral presentation in the section 5 “Land Reclamation, Earth Observation & Surveying, Environmental Engineering”) 
  15. 16th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2016, June 28 - July 6, 2016, Albena, Bulgaria (3 presentations)
  16. Urban Transitions Global Summit 2016, Towards a better urban future in an interconnected age, ELSEVIER, September 5-9, 2016, Shanghai, China (oral presentation in the section titled “Planning for sustainable healthy urban environments”) 
  17. 6th International Conference on Computers, Communications and Control (ICCCC 2016), May 10-14, 2016, Băile Felix, Oradea, România (oral presentation in the section titled “Computational Intelligence Methods”) 
  18. ECAI 2016 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE - 8th Edition - Electronics, Computers and Artificial Intelligence, June 30 - July 02, 2016, Ploiesti, Romania (oral presentation in the section titled “Control, robotics and mechatronics section”)
  19. 2016 International Symposium on INnovations in Intelligent SysTems and Applications (INISTA 2016), August 2-5, 2016, Sinaia, Romania (oral presentation in the section titled “Ontologies and Rules”) 
  20. 12th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations AIAI 2016, September 16-18, 2016, Thessaloniki, Greece (oral presentation in the section titled “Environmental AI Modeling”) 
  21. International Society For Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) 26th Annual Conference, September 1-4, 2016, Rome, Italy (Poster presentation in the section titled “Exposome & Epigenetics”)
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