Estimated results

   ROKIDAIR project will be realized in four phases:

  1. Preliminary studies of pollutant loads in the studied areas, ranking of critical areas and system’s prototyping and design;
  2. Development of the monitoring infrastructure including micro-station’s sensors/hardware, the management system of the database, and the tools for geospatial analysis, pollutants’ correlation and forecasting;
  3. Testing and validation of the PM2.5 monitoring system including adjacent data communication and processing infrastructure; and
  4. Promoting the ROKIDAIR system to be used by relevant stakeholders –authorities and large public

   The main outcomes of the ROKIDAIR project will be as follows:

  • early warnings personalized data (oriented to children diseases or sensibilities) by correlating atmospheric trends with health impact on spatial and temporal basis,
  • an advanced monitoring network system,
  • schemes and schedules for PM2.5 survey,
  • indoor-outdoor pollutant correlations at vulnerable receptors,
  • artificial Intelligence forecasting tools of atmospheric composition trends, for early warnings
  • an open-source dedicated GIS, and a versatile monitoring station prototype.

   The main end-products envisaged within the project are considering the needs of the end-users’ health protection:

  • PM2.5 thematic maps;
  • PM2.5 heavy metals and VOCs thematic maps;
  • ROKIDAIR web-based GIS with specific analysis and modelling functions;
  • Micro-station prototype;
  • ROKIDAIR AI model for PM2.5 forecasts – functional prototype based on AI techniques that will allow the prediction of PM2.5 and various toxic compounds contained in these particles at multi-locational scale;
  • ROKIDAIR DSS – a decisional support system that will link the contamination levels data from databases with children’s health threats providing expert messages to the end-user segment;
  • ROKIDAIR web-based early warning system;
  • Report of children’s respiratory diseases in relation to urban air pollution in Targoviste and Ploiesti, Romania. 
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